University College London (UCL)

Soft FM

Tenon FM has provided comprehensive soft FM services across UCL’s extensive property portfolio since 2008. The services are delivered as part of a one-stop-shop approach across all of UCL’s 141 individual buildings in Central London. In keeping with the nature of the environment, Tenon FM uses a student-centric approach that is sensitive to the student experience. A dynamic demand-led approach ensures that services are delivered according to the university’s needs rather than a prescribed rota or regime.

From the start Tenon FM has worked in partnership with the university, jointly agreeing strategic objectives and making sure service delivery arrangements are efficient and beneficial to both parties. This paid dividends early on when Tenon FM worked with UCL to implement dynamic ‘smart’ cleaning – a management process which ensures that the most efficient cleaning regime is adopted in every area, every day, in response to actual usage and levels of cleaning needed. This approach has driven up standards while reducing costs.

Following the procurement of a new contract in 2013, Tenon FM currently provides a wide range of soft FM services that includes cleaning and washroom services, janitorial supplies, waste disposal management, low level maintenance, portering, pest control, snow clearance and gritting, and landscaping.

The buildings range from office, academic and teaching areas to residential and social spaces, labs and research facilities, and catering areas. Tenon FM also provides a 24/7 service to UCL’s accommodation arm, which is particularly useful in the event of emergencies or when there is particularly heavy demand for room changes during the summer.

Services are delivered through an integrated system of cyclical and planned soft FM works, with recurrent activities such as daily cleaning routines taking place several times a day as necessary. Planned works such as deep cleaning are carried out on an annual schedule. Tenon FM also provides commercial lets for residential rooms during the summer months in the style of a hotel.

More than 800 people are employed on the contract, all of whom have completed customer service training enabling them to deliver a concierge-style service. They are led by a contract management team who take an active role in monitoring quality and liaising with the university. Tenon FM has committed to 20 key performance indicators (KPIs), and has consistently met or exceeded its targets year on year.

Tenon FM engages with student and building user focus groups to obtain feedback and encourage buy-in to its initiatives and goals; for example, UCL’s social media networks are used to promote recycling and support zero waste to landfill. Student rest areas have been created in response to feedback.

New methods like ‘smart’ cleaning have delivered significant improvements and added value to service delivery, saving an impressive £1.5 million. Implementing large-scale removal of waste has reduced overtime by 50% and saved £80,000 per year. Staff receive the London living wage with performance incentives, boosting job satisfaction by 20% without increasing costs.