The Tenon FM culture is all about ‘can do’. We solve problems and find solutions, working with our customers as a single team to develop a bespoke package. Our solutions are backed by a strong service philosophy that puts people at the centre of everything we do.

We build a personal relationship with every customer. You will have a talented team of specialists at your disposal. You will have access to senior directors and the most experienced people in our business. You’ll have just one point of contact who will be a consistent source of help and advice.

In seeking the best possible solution, we challenge traditional delivery and contract terms. Where traditional FM service providers have de-risked their offer, we commit to longer fixed term agreements – exposing us to changes in interest rates, inflation and costs – because it offers our customers better value. We know we can deliver.

At Tenon FM we want our customers to feel valued and important – because we realise you always have a choice. Find out more about our values and guiding principles.


Tenon FM is defined by a set of six guiding principles that distinguish us from other FM service providers:

  1. Can do – we are positive, entrepreneurial, flexible and dynamic. We move fast and get things done – properly
  2. Innovative – we say yes and meet your needs by developing and delivering new and better service solutions than anyone else. We continually look for more efficient ways of doing things
  3. Collaborative – we learn from each other, sharing our skills and resources across organisational boundaries for the benefit of our clients, colleagues and supply chain partners
  4. Passionate – our employees are energetic and enthusiastic. We are passionate about delivering excellent service. We go further
  5. Accountable – we take responsibility. We take ownership of a situation and do what needs to be done for our clients and our colleagues
  6. Honest – we work with integrity and transparency in everything we do, with our clients, our colleagues and supply chain partners. What you see is what you get.


We want Tenon FM to be the most exciting, positive and challenging facilities management services provider in the UK. We want to be known for delivering services that exceed client expectations. We want to be the best FM provider you will ever use.

Yes, we want to grow, but it’s not about how big we are as a business – it’s the manner in which we provide our services. We are interested in long-term relationships, not short-term gain. We are focused on developing our colleagues, our clients and the communities in which we operate.

That’s why we focus on our people, managing and supporting them to deliver excellence and encouraging them to go further. It’s about adhering to our values and guiding principles.

As part of the Tenon Group we have global aspirations, but we will never lose sight of the detail – doing what it takes to serve the needs of our customers. Tenon FM is about going beyond the usual: challenging convention, embracing different procurement models, always seeking to improve our service, always striving to add value.