All Hallows Catholic College, Macclesfield

All Hallows Catholic College

All Hallows Catholic College in Macclesfield has been open since 1962. The College is part of the All Hallows Learning Community which, through a group of eight schools provides a Christian education for children aged 4 to 18. The College educates 1200 children with a staff complement of 102 teachers (including cover) and 27 non-teaching and support staff. The Principal is Mr. T. Beesley. Our direct client is Emma Foulkes, Head of Finance.

Tenon fm deliver the internal cleaning services to the College estate. This service includes all educational and non-educational areas such rest rooms and administration areas. Our service to the College commenced in September 2019.

When we assumed responsibility for the service it became apparent that output standards did not match the aspirations of the College management team nor had they done so for quite a while. The Tenon fm management team conducted a thorough review of the estate, paying close attention to the square meterage of the buildings and the surfaces/furnishings within them.

Based on our own productivity ratios (output per hour worked) we produced a detailed report on the cleaning outputs throughout the estate for presentation to the College management. After due consideration we were authorised to increase the cleaning hours by 22%. Unfortunately, the advent of C19 together with the steps taken to reduce attendance on the estate, meant we did not have the opportunity to evaluate the new service until the relaxation of 2nd Lockdown regulations. Further the College substantially relaxed the cleaning audit requirements due to large parts of the estate operating at much reduced capacity. As a consequence we have not, until recently, been able to do comparisons between then and now. However, the Principal and our College client have been very complimentary of our Tenon fm service standards.

The C19 process did present Tenon fm with an opportunity to review the cleaning staff team against the new delivery process. This was because a number of the previous team had successfully sought employment elsewhere. As a consequence, we recruited a significant number of new employees who we were able to train in our methods and expectations.

Perhaps, more importantly, we were, through a DWP programme that enables people whose lives have been disrupted by any number of domestic and work related issues, to recruit two new team members who had been very nervous of returning to work. These two recruits have acquitted themselves very well with one of them taking on extra hours now she feels more confident.

The new team has been strengthened by recruitment of a new supervisor who, together with first class support from Linda Barnes, the Tenon fm Area Manager, has provided professional and experienced leadership as the College has re-opened.