Case studies

Case studies

University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

Total FM

When the University of Hertfordshire decided to combine its soft and hard FM contracts into a single Total FM service, it turned to the supplier who had been successfully delivering cleaning services to the university since 2011.

When Tenon FM first took on the cleaning contract, the university’s estate was evolving due to an ambitious refurbishment and building programme. The first thing Tenon FM did was to reconsolidate the cleaning service, achieving over £1 million of financial savings. It proceeded to implement zoning to extend and improve the service with no increase in contract price.

Peabody Estates, London

Soft FM

Peabody is one of London’s largest and most established housing associations with around 27,000 social housing properties and a network of estate offices. Tenon FM has provided cleaning services and soft facilities management to several of its estates since 2008.

Tenon FM delivers soft FM services to six separate estates on a rolling contract basis. An 11-strong team covers all six sites, working closely in partnership with each estate’s neighbourhood manager to ensure informed feedback on Tenon FM’s performance, and also to ensure a fast response to any emergency cleaning needs.

Watford Borough Council and Three Rivers District Council, Hertfordshire

Soft FM

Watford Borough and Three Rivers District councils are neighbouring authorities in the south-west corner of Hertfordshire. When the councils lost patience with their previous contract arrangements, poor management having translated into poor performance and low productivity, a new combined contract was designed based on results rather than a rigid prescription of specified tasks. The hope was that joint procurement would gain improved value for money, given the two councils’ proximity.

Tenon FM won the contract and set about transforming the service, introducing more efficient rotas and cleaning processes coupled with improved people management techniques. The result was an immediate 25% cost saving compared to the cost of the previous service, cleaner buildings and two very satisfied councils who have had no need to exercise their right for a contract break clause.