Sustainability and CSR


What does it mean?

For most people it probably means using fewer plastic bags or turning the thermostat down a couple of notches. Maybe you marvel at what wind turbines or solar panels can do.

Yes, of course, there are these things but sustainability is a far wider issue than these. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it like this:

"The property of being environmentally sustainable;

the degree to which a process or enterprise is able to be maintained or continued while avoiding the long term depletion of natural resources”.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

In essence it means everyone using a little less of what has always been used whilst maintaining the required increases in output.

Contemporary sources break sustainability down in to these four essentials:

Energy Management:

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Modern buildings are energy efficient in that they use less energy per square foot to achieve the same temperature output than a building a hundred years ago. But we all should be aware of our own ability to contribute to energy management by ensuring we switch off lights, turn down heating among others, With Tenon fm you can be sure of receiving the most up to date information on managing your energy.

'Green / Responsible' Cleaning:

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Do you really need to have your office vacuum cleaned every day? Just think how much less electricity you would use if you moved to every other day vacuum cleaning. With Tenon fm as your service partner you can be sure of ‘green’ advice.

Use of Materials and Resources:

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Are you still getting your cleaning materials delivered in liquid form? Tenon fm have moved to powder form to which we add water. Savings on Plastic containers has been dramatic.

The Management (i.e. reduction) of Waste:

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Not something you think about much? Just think how much diesel could be saved if air was squeezed out of your office waste bin bag or every can or plastic bottle were flattened before going in the recycling bins and you could fill the bins with waste not air. At Tenon fm we look at all waste not just to reduce waste outputs but also to reduce the cost of waste removal.

Tenon fm is your best chance of