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Tenon have had a long term working partnership with UoH; first to deliver soft services from 2011-2016, then with a renewed contract to deliver a Total FM service from 2016-2026.

The UoH campus is situated outside Hatfield, immediately adjacent to the A1(M) with the University accommodating circa 25,000 students supported by 2,300 staff. The University is primarily based on two campuses with over 70 buildings with a footprint of 1.1m square metres.

The Tenon soft services contract (2011-2016) was primarily a cleaning contract, including daily cyclical cleaning, washroom services and periodic deep cleans covering offices, teaching facilities, lecture theatres, libraries, learning resource centres, laboratories, the student union, catering facilities, etc. We also previously cleaned the student residences from 2011-2013 (this switched to new providers under PFI arrangements as new dormitories were built); we continue to provide backup cleaning during peak periods, i.e. high volume turnover during conferences. In the soft services contract we achieved over £1m of financial savings through consolidation of the cleaning service in 2011, the implementation of ‘zoning’ for to provide a more efficient / effective service as well as increased service delivery across UH’s Estate for the same contract price. All of this was achieved as UoH’s Estate evolved due to an extensive refurbishment programme.

In 2015, UoH combined soft and hard services, into a new Total FM service contract. Following a comprehensive 10-month dialogue, Tenon was successfully re-appointed due to the quality of our services. The new contract started on 1st June 2016 and is delivered by c. 200 enhanced DBS checked staff and led by an Account Director given the ten-year partnering contract which underpins the relationship so that we can deliver long term innovation and efficiency savings. It covers the following key service streams:

  • – Helpdesk services are managed by Tenon with a dedicated Helpdesk Manager as well as 2 X Helpdesk Co-ordinators. We have implemented a new CAFM system for the service, which is a bespoke version of Concept Evolution (sub-contractors are fully integrated into the system with a ‘lite’ version of the web portal and all our technicians on site have Samsung X-Cover smartphones which have the Concept Cognito app. See ). All jobs for the service are programmed into the CAFM system and dispatched from the Helpdesk who send out PPM, reactive and cyclical works in line with agreed standards. We also manage all portering requests for UH’s in-house portering team and are amalgamating security services into the system as well, with our Helpdesk function evolving to take on all FM service streams for UH so that they only have one system for works management and performance.
  • – Soft services have remained within the contract and are delivered via 173 onsite technicians; services include daily cyclical cleaning and periodic deep cleans (i.e. quarterly bathroom deep cleans) to the entire Estate (offices, teaching facilities, lecture theatres, libraries, learning resource centre, laboratories, the student union, catering facilities, etc.). We continue to provide backup cleaning when needed (i.e. high volume turnover during the summer conference period).
  • – Hard maintenance including reactive maintenance, planned maintenance works and cyclical M&E such as electrical PAT testing have come into the new service. We have 23 technicians as we are moving from a largely sub-contract model (75% at contract start) to a direct delivery team. Currently the service is c. 50% direct delivery and 50% sub-contract. Our onsite team is comprised of both fabric and M&E technicians, as well as specialist skill sets for HVAC, lifts, etc. We deliver reactive, cyclical, and PPM maintenance to the entire UoH Estate as well as their scientific and research centre the Biopark all to SFG20 standards. Our team are entirely mobile using our CAFM software with Samsung X-Cover smartphones to manage all of their work tasks which are schedule automatically via the system and our Helpdesk Team. The Estate is now 100% compliant and we are building a long-term asset management strategy to support UoH’s 2016-2021 Estate vision.
  • – Waste disposal management and recycling, including the provision of a new on-site Mini-MRF recycling unit to achieve 100% zero waste to landfill for UH. We are currently delivering recycling rates at c. 70% of all material, through 2 X dedicated waste operatives on site. Our waste partner, Cawleys, works as an integrated member of our supply chain, fully managed by Tenon on site. We have worked together to institute new behavioural awareness campaigns, the creation of a ‘swap’ n ‘shop’ service for students, and have implemented a new recycling and colour coding system to help our cleaning technicians and UoH’s porter teams drive recycling rates higher.
  • – Grounds maintenance includes landscaping, snow clearance and gritting, pest control and ongoing seasonal planting and protection of natural wildlife on the Brayfordbury Campus. Services are delivered through our supply chain partner John O’Conners who provide us with 1 X Grounds Supervisors and 7 X Grounds operatives who work seasonal hours and shift patterns to adapt to the changing needs of UoH’s Estate. We are working with them to devise student gardening through creation of allotments and a new horticultural apprenticeship to support one of UH’s academic programmes.

Performance on the contract is strong with Tenon achieving a 100% compliant Estate within 6 months of the contract (as there was a significant back log of work when we started), delivering 98% of all services to specification standards, and satisfaction achieving over 90% on the contract based upon our last quarterly survey. We are also delivering significant improvements and innovation through a Partnership Strategy on the service, through which we are achieving:

  • – Living Wage at no cost to UoH with incentivised performance arrangements which was implemented from Day 1 of the contract
  • – New technology including the Concept CAFM system for real-time working to support UoH’s asset management; UoH utilise the CAFM system as their sole IT system
  • the service
  • – On-demand technology which is chemical free (e.g. smart mops which reduce cleaning time)
  • – A new national training academy to generate revenue for UoH; we are already piloting new programmes and looking to get the centre BIFM accredited
  • – Internships, training and business enterprise opportunities for students. We are currently hosting three students on work experience for a month in India via our parent company the Tenon Group as an example.
  • – Social media strategies for increased customer engagement; these are being deployed already to help drive up recycling rates
  • – Electric vehicles for onsite transport as well as a new environmental strategy for 

We have also contractually committed to saving £100k p.a. at a minimum, but estimates look closer to £150k p.a. to be shared 50/50 with UoH under incentivised performance arrangements driven through the Partnership Strategy.