Integrated FM

Many suppliers claiming to offer integrated FM end up subcontracting many of the services. For Tenon FM, it is about managing a solution together with the client. It is about building an honest, open partnership that guarantees excellent service and great results. We will work with you to create a bespoke package that solves your problems and helps drive your business forward.


IT plays a critical role in backing up the Tenon FM commitment to excellent customer service. We use a computer aided facilities management (CAFM) system that provides clients with real time management information, giving you a paperless record of our work for you, the efficiency of our people and clear evidence of where we add value.

We have our own preferred system, but we use a variety of CAFM models. Sometimes we   recommend an option or use a customer’s existing set-up. The aim is always to make sure that our customers benefit from the workflow systems we put in place. The goal is to streamline our activities, maximising the efficiency of our people by allowing our teams to access and check off tasks quickly and logically using their mobile devices. It gives you evidence of what we are doing and how we do it, giving you the assurance that your assets and facilities are compliant and well maintained. Equally, the systems we use give our people control, a sense of entrepreneurial freedom and the ability to demonstrate our ‘can do’ attitude. We believe it is our responsibility to provide clients with reports and asset management information so that with our help, customers can make informed decisions about their facilities.

We also use IT to plan better, cut down on paper, limit the amount of tasks performed and reduce costs without compromising the delivery of quality FM services. Customers can access their account information via our client extranet. You can see the information you need, which saves time, provides reassurance, and supports you in making informed and intelligent asset management decisions