Now more than ever organisations are seeking the reassurance that their people, property, brand and assets are properly protected. That’s why security is one of the core services Tenon FM provide. Tenon’s success is rooted in security services, building on chairman Manjit Rajain’s personal experience in the Indian police and army. Hence, our people have the qualifications, expertise, technologies and processes required to safeguard your organisation and enable you to operate successfully. We don’t take short cuts. We assess your risks, needs, sites and locations. From there, we will work with you to design a solution that reduces your risks, safeguards your staff and protects your facilities. Please check our accreditations and call us on 020 8206 6363 to find out more about our specialist expertise.

Manned Guarding

Tenon FM’s manned guarding services cover everything from access control and reception desks to customer care and total security. We will provide fully licensed and trained personnel to meet all your security needs, creating a tailored package that leaves you free to focus on your core business.


Tenon FM provides front-of-house people able to provide exceptional customer service as well as a security presence. They will create the perfect first impression, ensuring your own staff, customers and visitors receive a warm, professional welcome every time, while protecting your premises against unauthorised entry.

CCTV/Technology Solutions

The management of risk on behalf of our customers is not just about manned guarding. It also involves implementing electronic security measures. Our control room staff will be trained and licensed to observe every area of your premises, employing a consistent and clear escalation process during incidents and emergencies. Customers benefit from a swift response and a clear audit trail through to resolution.


Tenon FM can also provide a networked security management system using Soteria, which is a complete security solution for risk elimination and prevention (REAP), delivering end-to-end IP video surveillance and alarm management solutions. The concept is new, but it supports staff on the ground and gives extra reassurance to customers. Using the Soteria system, we not only monitor alarms and CCTV, we empower the CCTV through video analytics and smart surveillance that can be implemented in all types of environment. To find out more about this exciting system, call us on 020 8206 6363 or visit