Why Choose Us
Industry Leading Cleaning Expertise, Innovative & Consistent High Quality Services
Working as ONE Team with you to create a safe, secure, and hygienic workspace

Tenon FM has been a cleaning & IFM partner of choice for more than 100 customers across the UK and has been awarded External Partner of the Year by University of Hertfordshire in 2021 at their Vice-Chancellor’s Awards. All our employees are directly employed, following an extensive DBS check and Background verification. Because our people are our greatest asset, we ensure that they are regularly trained, rewarded, and recognised for their exemplary work. When you entrust us with the cleaning and maintenance duties, rest assured as you trust the innovative, bespoke technology focused FM service provider that truly cares about your people, workplace environment and culture.

Get to Know the Team You Work With

Trained on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

DBS Checked

Background Verified

Experience of 5 years and above

Locally Recruited

Character First, Skills Second

Work on Tenon’s Core Values & 1 TEAM Ethos

Committed to customer excellence

Behaviours & Values – The How

Our values guide our way towards achieving excellence in service, especially during the times of change. We operate on the strong ethos and principles of our Group, that determines the Tenon Impact on the businesses, people, and communities we serve.


Your Team’s success = Your success = Business success There is no place in this business for people to hide. We want you all to be empowered to discuss ideas and initiatives. Be accountable for your work but be collaborative in your thinking and your approach. Think about how your actions impact other teams and the overall business. Lastly, be accountable for Tenon’s brand and your own personal brand.


Compliance and ethics have to be the core of our business. We must be honest in our approach on how we do business. – This does not mean we leak confidential or sensitive information but merely we act in an ethical manner in whatever we do.


Don’t be afraid to ask a question of your colleagues, don’t be afraid to ask your manager on how the company can support your development, whether that be peer-to-peer learning or making use of the apprenticeship levy. Accept that we always have room to grow and improve but take ownership of your own development. Understand that learning something new is not a weakness and take on board constructive and valuable feedback.


Promote cross-functional working. No, single individual or team is more important than another team. We are all equal and need to be working towards achieving the company strategy. Empower your teams and create a healthy environment to promote discussion.


Be Considerate, Be Sympathetic and Be Empathetic. We are a significantly diverse organisation and therefore we must remember that we all bring different knowledge, experiences and have different backgrounds. Just because we may have an opposing view doesn’t mean our colleagues are wrong. In recent months I have seen private & and personal matters being gossiped about, and people not respecting one another’s views.