Why Tenon?

Tenon FM is all about ‘can do’. Our starting point is always ‘how can we help?’ We solve problems and find solutions, working with our customers as a single team to develop the right support package. Our solutions are backed by a strong service philosophy that puts people at the centre of everything we do.

We build a personal relationship with every customer. You will have a talented team of specialists at your disposal. You will have access to senior directors and the most experienced people in our business. You’ll have just one point of contact who will be a consistent source of help and advice.

In seeking the best possible solution, we challenge traditional delivery and contract terms. Unlike many traditional FM service providers, we commit to longer fixed term agreements – exposing us to changes in interest rates, inflation and costs – because it offers our customers better value. We know we can deliver.

At Tenon FM we want our customers to feel valued and important – because we realise you always have a choice. Find out more about our values and guiding principles.