Managing Change

Going Live

What we do at Tenon FM is all about ‘how can we help?’ When a project goes live and a contract begins to mobilise you will quickly see that our emphasis on trust, personal relationships and a willingness to challenge traditional delivery and contract terms allows us to go further, faster and more effectively than other service providers.

The focus is on de-risking the project and delivering what is agreed between us and the client.

Our management team has an excellent understanding of the TUPE process and an appreciation of the needs of all the people involved. We set up dedicated mobilisations teams who, working to a carefully planned schedule, concentrate on caring for individual requirements as well as those of the client and end users often in consultation with trade unions or equivalent staff bodies as well as respective stakeholder groups.

Transition Phase

Any new contract is going to involve substantial changes in working practices to leverage efficiencies or deliver quality improvements. The cultural transition is crucial to the mobilisation of a contract and its long term delivery. It has to be managed right across the project. For Tenon FM nothing is out of bounds in order to make sure the right solution for every one – staff, client and end user – is in place and the contract is successfully operating and meeting its performance targets.

It is essential that all our staff embrace Tenon FM’s service culture, and we have developed highly successful management change and culture understanding programmes to ease the introduction of our new colleagues. That means we will put in place new training for staff, introduce new technology and systems; we might re-organise the teams or re-engineer the contract itself. Where we need to make changes to our working methods, our refined methodologies allow us to manage the process efficiently and smoothly.

At every stage we will be guided by our values and principles. We will always consult with our partners and reach a solution collaboratively – because we know you always have a choice.