If nothing else C19 has highlighted the need for people to interact with each other rather than be isolated. Not having interaction does nothing for the mental or physical wellbeing of an employee. Tenon fm recognise this as much as anyone. Our role in the delivery of both workplace and wellbeing is twofold:

  • There is our responsibility to our own people in their workplaces and to making sure they are occupied in compliant, comfortable environments that create a strong sense of wellbeing. In this first instance we have a personal responsibility to look after and protect our staff. To ensure we offer as much support as possible all our employees are advised of our HR advice number which acts as a first point of contact for anyone needing help and support. 
  • There is our responsibility to our customers and their staff and their customers. As we move out of lockdown we need to ensure the customer’s property is clean and tidy so as to make their staff feel the work environment is a safe, clean and well maintained place. Returning to a dark and ill kept place will probably lead to negative thoughts about their job. Returning to a bright, well lit area is likely to lead to bright well motivated people. 

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