In April 2021 the UK’s Universities will be welcoming thousands of students returning from an extended lockdown break.

It is a logistical exercise more in keeping with mobilising an army. Managing a university is about a lot more than just lectures. What’s more, those students pitching up to their halls of residence and student union buildings after weeks away will be seeking to renew their dedication to their studies.Why? Value for money from the average £26k for a three-year course is paramount. Students make their choices based on first class facilities as well as a first class education – much of which is influenced by the FM service provider selected by the estates and property teams. That means clean comfortable rooms; a secure environment; excellent lighting in the library, research environments and constant, blisteringly fast broadband and omnipresent Wi-Fi is critical. But these kind of services, backed by technical know-how, is not going to set you apart as a university or as a service provider on campus. 

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